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2014 Employment Opportunities

You may download a printable application at the bottom of this page.
Please submit your application (by mail or in person) to:

Lake Michigan Carferry
Attn: Human Resources
701 Maritime Drive
Ludington, MI 49431

You may also fax your application to 231-843-4558.
Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Badger Crew!

Onboard Employment

Customer Service Department

Customer Service Associate-  These shipboard positions work as a team to provide food/bar service while giving great customer service.  Customer Service Associates work together to ensure that all food is served in an attractive, sanitary and timely manner.  Additional responsibilities include but are not limited to… cooking and prepping items in the Badger Galley, customer care, operating cash registers, maintaining passenger areas, cleaning spills, assisting housekeeping, aiding the occasional seasick passenger and being knowledgeable of the ship and products we sell.   The ideal candidate… likes customer interaction, is an active listener, has ability to multi task, possess math skills including counting back change, is dependable, able to lift up to 40 lbs and can stand for long periods of time.  Prior retail experience is a plus.

Housekeeping Associate-   This shipboard position is responsible for keeping all general passengers areas clean and ensuring that the occasional seasick passenger receives great care and comfort.  Additional responsibilities include but are not limited to monitoring secondary passenger areas, helping retrieve stock for gift shop, cleaning passenger staterooms, maintaining housekeeping storage rooms and providing exceptional customer service. The ideal candidate… can work independently, is consciences, takes pride in work, interested in serving others, able to lift up to 40lbs, able to stand/lift/bend for long periods of time and has previous housekeeping experience.

Entertainer/Host-  This shipboard position is responsible for the daily passenger entertainment that is offered aboard the Badger. Duties will include, but not be limited to, leading bingo games, musical entertainment, children's programs, trivia, and greeting passengers. The ideal candidate… is very outgoing, is excellent at answering questions, enjoys entertaining children, and is very comfortable in front of a diverse crowd.

Galley Department

Day Prep Cook-   This shipboard position assists the lead cook in preparing, serving and presenting passenger and crew food.  They prepare cold and hot food items in large quantities.  Additional responsibilities include but are not limited to unloading ship supplies, maintaining on-board stock and cleaning galley areas.  The ideal candidate… works well within a team, is able to take direction, able to lift up to 40lbs, can stand for long periods of time and with prior cooking experience including working a flat grill.

Night Cook-  This shipboard position works independently to provide nighttime meals to crew members and preps food for the day shift.  Additional responsibilities include baking, stocking and cleaning the galley areas.  The ideal candidate… need to be self driven, manage time wisely, able to lift up to 40 lbs, can stand for long periods of time and have prior cooking experience including baking and cooking from scratch.

Dishwasher- This galley position works with the food service team primarily to keep the galley spaces on the ship clean and to wash dishes that are used in the course of serving food to passengers and crew. Duties include manual washing of pots, pans and utensils, sweeping,  mopping, and stocking supplies. The ideal candidate… is detail oriented, works well within a team, can stand for long periods of time, and is able to lift loads up to 40 lbs. regularly. 

Giftshop Department

Gift Shop Associate-  This shipboard position is responsible for retail sales and merchandising in the Badger’s onboard gift shop.  Gift Shop Associates ensure that all items are well stocked and inventoried .  The ideal candidate… enjoys customer interaction and has excellent merchandising skills. This person is also highly organized and possesses solid computer and math skills.

Deck/Navigation Department 

Night Patrolman-  This nighttime shipboard position makes scheduled rounds of the ship to all punch clock stations. Additional responsibilities include but are not limited to… operating the chair lift, monitoring of all Fire Safe doors and reporting any safety issues. The ideal candidate… is detail oriented and is able to walk through the ship and up and down stairs many times through the course of an evening.

Exterior Deck Attendant- This shipboard position works on the exterior decks of the ship and is responsible for ensuring that those areas are clean and suitable for passenger to enjoy. Responsibilities will include sweeping, cleaning deck chairs, stacking chairs, changing garbage containers and washing windows. The ideal candidate… is knowledgeable, customer oriented, able to stay busy without supervision and possesses superior cleaning skills.

Shore-side Employment

Traffic Department

Auto Attendant-  This shore position is responsible for the loading and unloading of passenger vehicles onto the Badger in the safest but fastest manner possible. Additional responsibilities include handling passenger’s baggage, assisting navigation during docking, the removal of garbage and recycling from the car deck, shore side maintenance and grounds keeping of LMC property.  The ideal candidate… has a high stamina, is familiar and comfortable with the operation of automobiles and is able to work a varied schedule including nights and weekends. 

Cardeck Security Officer- This shore position is responsible for monitoring and controlling access to the ship from the cardeck by all employees, passengers, and guests. Responsibilities include checking employee IDs as they come onboard, ensuring that only ticketed passengers are boarding the ship, and ensuring that no unauthorized vehicles or luggage are brought onboard. The ideal candidate is very detail oriented, is able to be constantly alert, and has some security background. 

Chair Lift Operator- This shore position is responsible for operating the Badger’s handicapped passenger lift. The principal duty of this person is to assist handicapped and elderly passengers on and off the lift and operating the controls that bring the lift up and down during boarding and disembarking. The ideal candidate is very friendly and polite, is able to learn the fine details of operating a lift, and is capable of walking up and down stairs many times per day.  

Ticketing and Reservations

Ticket Agent-   This shore position is responsible for processing tickets and answering passenger questions.  Additional responsibilities include answering phones, making passenger reservations and issuing gift certificates.  The ideal candidate is comfortable working in a fast paced environment, handling money and has excellent communication skills.

Reservations Agent- This shore position is responsible for taking telephone reservations in our reservation call center in Ludington.  The ideal candidate has excellent telephone skills, is able to communicate clearly and thoroughly and possesses good computer skills. 

Wisconsin Shore Staff

Lake Michigan Carferry will be hiring Manitowoc-based Auto Attendants, Cardeck  Security Officers, Chair Lift Operators and Ticket Agents for the 2014 sailing season as well (See job descriptions above). 

Download printable application here.