Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard!

On behalf of the Officers and Crew of the BADGER, thank you for sailing with us! You are sailing on a National Historic Landmark 


Port Vs Starboard

When standing at the back of the ship and facing forward, the port side is on the left side of the ship and the starboard is on the right side of the ship.

Cruise Director's Office

If you need assistance or have questions during your cruise, you can always visit the Cruise Director’s Office in the main lounge on the starboard side, next to where bingo is played.


Restrooms are located on the main deck, directly behind, or forward, of the main lounge where bingo is played. Men’s restrooms are located in the Port Side hallway and Women’s are located in the Starboard Side hallway. Going forward in the ship, on both sides, there is an additional bathroom located in the open sitting rooms.


Once the ship passes the breakwall and/or lighthouse, the Cruise Director’s Office will make an announcement welcoming passengers to the port. Once the BADGER is docked, an attendant will open the gate on the port side stairwell allowing passengers down to the car deck. Passengers who require chairlift assistance, have a kenneled pet, or riding a motorcycle, may disembark on the starboard side. When facing the back of the ship, the port side is the right-hand side and the starboard is the left side of the ship.

How to Retrieve Your Vehicle

If you are traveling with a vehicle, our crew will drive the vehicle off of the ship for you. Passengers will be safely routed off the ship and are asked to wait behind the safety tape for their vehicle. Once you see your vehicle driven off and parked by our auto attendants, you are welcome to approach your car and travel about your day.