Employment Opportunities 2019

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Please submit your application (by mail or in person) to:

Lake Michigan Carferry
Attn: Human Resources
701 Maritime Drive
Ludington, MI 49431

You may also fax your application to 231-843-4558 or scan to laurieb@ssbadger.com.
Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Big Ship, Best Crew!

Onboard Employment*

Customer Service Departments

*Customer Service Associate- These shipboard positions work as a team to provide food/bar service while giving great customer service. Customer Service Associates work together to ensure that all food is served in an attractive, sanitary and timely manner. Whether prepping food in the Badger Galley, operating a cash register or maintaining passenger areas while supplying excellent customer care, our Customer Service Associates are the best! To be a part of this team, applicants must enjoy customer interaction and have the ability to multi-task. Prior retail experience is a plus, but not required.

*Housekeeping Associate- This shipboard position is responsible for keeping all general passenger areas clean, monitoring secondary passenger areas, cleaning passenger staterooms and occasionally assisting other departments like the Gift Shop and Customer Service Associates. This position allows you to walk freely through passenger areas offering assistance when necessary and giving care and comfort to passengers throughout the voyage. If you can work independently, stay on task and take pride in your work, this job is for you!

*Entertainer/Host- This shipboard position is responsible for the daily passenger entertainment that is offered aboard the Badger. Entertainers must have the ability and confidence to interact with a diverse group of people of all ages. For many passengers, playing a rousing game of Badger Bingo is the hi-light of their trip! We invite Entertainers to bring their talents to the job whether it’s juggling, musical talent, card tricks or telling a good story.

Galley Department

*Night Cook- This shipboard position works independently to prep food for the day shift and provide nighttime meals for the crewmembers who live onboard the Badger for the entire season. For the crew, “What’s for dinner” is sometimes the hi-light of their day, so we encourage our cook’s to bring their favorite recipes and baked goods to the table! Additional responsibilities include baking, stocking and cleaning the galley areas. Must have prior cook/baking experience.

*Day Prep Cooks- This shipboard position assists the lead cook in preparing, serving and presenting passenger crew food. They prepare cold and hot food items in large quantities. Additional responsibilities include but are not limited to unloading ship supplies, maintaining on-board stock and cleaning galley areas. These positions are often given opportunity to present a main course or baked goods to the crew. Prior cooking/baking experience including working a flat grill is preferred.

*Dishwasher- This galley position works with the food service team primarily to keep the galley spaces on the ship clean, which includes sweeping and mopping the crew dining areas and washing dishes that are used in the course of serving food to passengers and crew. The Dishwashing job is a perfect entry level position with room for advancement, either within the galley staff of other departments.

Giftshop Department

*Gift Shop- Gift Shop Associates are the smile behind every sale in the Badger Boutique! This shipboard position is responsible for retail sales and merchandising in the Badger’s onboard gift shop. Gift Shop Associates ensure that all items are well stocked and inventoried. To work in the Gift Shop you must enjoy customer interaction and have the ability to keep stock neat, attractive and organized. Retail/Cashier experience is a plus.

Engine Department (Career Path)

*Coal Passer- An entry level position in the engine room. The coal passer assists the Fireman in operating and maintaining the ships boilers and conveyor equipment. The coal passer can expect to live aboard the ship and stand a 4 hour watch, twice a day, 7 days per week during the sailing season (mid-May through mid-Oct). The coal passer is required to hold, or have the ability to obtain a USCG Merchant Mariner Credential and a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC). Mandatory physical, drug screening and back ground check. Benefit eligible after completing 90 days of probationary period.

*QMED-Fireman- Working under the direction of watch Engineer, the Fireman assists with the operation of all boiler room and conveyor equipment. Candidates must possess a Merchant Mariner Credential with QMED (Fireman/Watertender/Oiler) endorsement, a current Medical Certificate and a valid TWIC card. QMED will expect to live aboard and stand a 4 hour watch, twice a day, 7 days a week during the 2019 sailing season (mid-May through mid-Oct). Competitive wages and benefit eligible after completing 90 days probationary period.

Navigational Crew

*Able Bodied Seaman (AB)- Under the direction of the Mate on watch, the AB is responsible for assisting with supervising the deck crew. Assists in loading and unloading the ship as well as performing deck maintenance and other projects as required. Experience in line handling, and winches. The OS can expect to live aboard the ship and stand a 4 hour watch, twice a day, 7 days per week during the 2019 sailing season (mid-May through mid-Oct). Competitive wages and benefit eligible after completing a 90 day probationary period.

*Ordinary Seaman- An entry level position in the Deck department. The OS performs deck department functions including line handling, deck maintenance, and fire/lifeboat/emergency duties. The OS can expect to live aboard the ship and stand a 4 hour watch, twice a day, 7 days per week during the 2019 sailing season (mid-May through mid-Oct) It is preferred that the candidates already possess a Merchant Mariners Credential and Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) but it is not required. Assistance to obtain credentialing by LMC is available to qualified candidates. Mandatory physical, drug testing and background check. Benefit eligible after 90 days probationary period.

*Night Patrolman- This nighttime shipboard position makes scheduled rounds of the ship to 15 punch clock stations. Additional responsibilities include monitoring of all Fire Safe Doors and reporting any safety or passenger misconduct issues. Ideal candidate is detail oriented, able to walk through the ship and up and down stairs many times through the course of the evening. Must be available to work mid-May through mid-October 3 -4 days per week.

*All onboard positions will be subject to a physical, drug screen and criminal records background check.

Shore-side Employment

Traffic Department

Auto Attendant- This shore position is responsible for the loading and unloading of passenger vehicles onto the Badger in the safest but fastest manner possible. The hours for this position are flexible. You can work mornings only, evenings only or both if you choose! Additional responsibilities include handling passenger’s baggage, assisting navigation during docking, the removal of garbage and recycling from the car deck, shore side maintenance and grounds keeping of LMC property.

Lot Attendant- This shore position is responsible for the flow of vehicles during embarking and disembarking of the SS Badger. Lot Attendant will direct traffic and position vehicles appropriately using hand signals or flashlights when necessary; safety and prevention of vehicle damage being a priority. Ideal candidates will be personable, able to communicate effectively and firmly be able to relay directions to passengers.

Cardeck Security Officer- This shore position is responsible for monitoring and controlling access to the ship from the cardeck by all employees, passengers, and guests. Responsibilities include checking employee IDs as they come onboard, ensuring that only ticketed passengers are boarding the ship, and ensuring that no unauthorized vehicles or luggage are brought onboard. Security background is a plus but not necessary. Ability to be alert of all surroundings while maintaining a welcoming demeanor with boarding passengers is a must.

Chairlift Operator- This shore position is responsible for operating the Badger’s handicapped passenger lift. The principal duty of this person is to assist handicapped and elderly passengers on and off the lift and operating the controls that bring the lift up and down during boarding and disembarking. Chairlift Operators are required to be friendly and polite, is able to learn the fine details of operating a lift, and is capable of walking up and down stairs many times per day.

Ticketing & Reservations - Wisconsin Only At This Time
Taking applications now. Interviews in mid-April

Ticket Agent- This shore position is responsible for processing tickets and answering passenger questions. Additional responsibilities include answering phones, making passenger reservations and issuing gift certificates. Excellent communication skills is a must for Ticket Agents as well as friendly and helpful. Cashier experience is a plus.

Reservations Agent- Possibly being the first voice that connects a passenger to the Badger experience, this shore position is responsible for taking telephone reservations in our reservation call center in Ludington. You must have excellent telephone skills and able to communicate clearly. Reservation Agents are trained to navigate the reservations system on computer, but general computer knowledge is preferred.

Wisconsin Shore Staff and Available Onboard Positions:

Lake Michigan Carferry will be hiring Manitowoc-based Auto Attendants, Cardeck Security Officers, Chairlift Operators and Ticket Agents for the 2019 sailing season as well as onboard positions, Prep Cooks/Dishwashers, and Customer Service Associates. (see Job Descriptions above). AB, QMED, OS, Coal passer positions available to qualified candidates.

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