Q: How do handicap passengers get to the passenger deck?
A: A chairlift to transport wheelchairs and passengers needing assistance is available when boarding and disembarking the ship. The chairlift has a maximum 300 pound capacity. Passengers with motorized wheelchairs may have to ride the lift separately from their chairs. There is limited access to our upper deck areas depending on the passengers mobility.

Q: What handicap accessible services/amenities are available?
A: A handicap-accessible restroom is available on board the ship. The Movie Lounge and Badger boutique are wheelchair accessible from the port-side passageway. There are free wheelchairs available for use onboard (first come, first served basis).

Q: Can I have a powered chair/scooter onboard?
A: Yes, using the stair lift powered chairs/scooters are able to be used in the main deck area. However, we do not have a stair lift to make upper deck areas accessible. The chairlift has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, so a powered chair/scooter may have to ride separate from the passenger.

Q: What service animals are permitted on board?
A: Dogs that are trained to perform a task or provide assistance to a person with a disability are welcome in passenger areas. Comfort animals, emotional support animals, and therapy dogs may be kept in a well-ventilated portable kennel on the car deck or transported in the owner's vehicle.