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Lake Michigan Carferry has signed a Consent Decree agreement with the Department of Justice and EPA that will require the S.S. Badger to end the ash discharge within two years. This agreement is the product of many months of working closely with the EPA. We think that this Consent Decree is the best result under the circumstances. We will continue on our path to ending the discharge of coal ash while still serving the public and local communities.

The Consent Decree will be filed in federal court in Grand Rapids by the Department of Justice. Upon this filing, there will be a 30 day period for the public to submit comments to the Department of Justice. After that, the court will approve the decree if it is in the public interest.

Here is our request - Many of you have asked how you could express your support by sharing your opinion on the continued service of the S.S. Badger. Provided below is the email address and/or the mailing address to the EPA where you can submit your comments on the Consent Decree. Obviously we think the Consent Decree should be approved and hope you feel the same. Either way, your letter can be as brief as a few sentences or as detailed as you wish.

We sincerely appreciate your time in expressing your opinion. We're looking forward to providing great experiences for our passengers in 2013 and many years to come.

Instructions for commenting on the Consent Decree

Addressed to:
Assistant Attorney General, Environment and Natural Resources Division

Reference Case Number: D.J. Ref. No. 90-5-1-1-10771 (must be included in subject line)

Case Name:
United States v. Lake Michigan Trans-Lake Shortcut, Inc., d/b/a Lake Michigan Carferry Services and S.S. Badger

Comments to be EMAILED:

Or mail to:
Assistant Attorney General
P.O. Box 7611
Washington, DC 20044-7611

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