Steaming Into The Future

Life's fast enough...slow down, relax and reconnect. We'll do the driving!

Since the S.S. Badger's maiden voyage in 1953 she has created memories for millions of travelers.
The S.S. Badger is the largest carferry ever to sail Lake Michigan, providing a fun, reliable
and affordable shortcut across the huge inland sea for more than sixty years.

Steaming Into The Future...

Today the S.S. Badger is the only coal fired steam ship operating in the United States. Keeping this majestic ship a living part of our maritime history has been challenging in recent years. The dedicated people who serve as crew on the ship and on shore deeply appreciate the support we have received from our customers and all those who understand the special significance of our historic ship.

We have made a huge commitment to continue the heritage of the Badger with the installation of new, sophisticated combustion controls this off-season, and we will be installing an ash retention system during the winter of 2014.

Whether you are a first time passenger or you have sailed on her many times, the S.S. Badger offers the rare opportunity to take a step back in time on an adventure that's as important as the destination.

We will be steaming into the future for many years to come, and we invite you to experience a bit of history that almost slipped away.





Young Charles Conrad
Our Founder