Important Information

Handicap Accessibility
A stairlift to transport wheelchairs and passengers needing assistance is available when boarding and disembarking. Wheelchair lift has a maximum 300 pound capacity. Passengers with motorized wheelchairs may have to ride the lift separately from their chairs. A handicap-accessible restroom is also available; movie lounge and Badger Boatique are wheelchair accessible from the port side passageway.

Service Animals
Dogs that are trained to perform a task or provide assistance to a person with a disability are welcome in passenger areas. Comfort animals, emotional support animals, and therapy dogs may be kept in a well-ventilated portable kennel on the car deck or transported in the owner's vehicle. For additional assistance regarding service animals, please refer to the Michigan Department of Civil Rights Service Animal Frequently Asked Questions at this link.

Animals may be transported in the owner's vehicle or kept in a well-ventilated portable kennel on the car deck. A limited number of kennels are available free of charge on a first-come, first served basis. Owners may also bring their own kennels. (If animals are left in vehicle, windshield sunscreens are strongly recommended during warm weather.) No pets of any kind are allowed in any passenger areas, and pets are not accessible during the cruise. Service dogs trained to work or perform tasks for a passenger with a disability may accompany that individual.

Due to security restrictions, vehicles are not accessible during the cruise. Vehicles will be loaded and unloaded for you by LMC personnel. Motorcycles must be secured with two tie-downs. Security on the car deck is provided by Lake Michigan Carferry. The car deck of the S.S. Badger is secured during crossing and is monitored by surveillance cameras or Lake Michigan Carferry personnel.

Weather & Reliability
The S.S. Badger was built for year 'round conditions on Lake Michigan, and sails in almost all types of weather encountered during her five-month season. Every effort is made to sail on schedule and cancelations are rare; however, we are not responsible for inconveniences resulting from delays or cancelations that are beyond our control.

Alcoholic Beverages
Alcoholic beverages may not be brought aboard the ship. Full bar service is available aboard the S.S. Badger.

Carryon Coolers/Food/Beverages
Water bottles and non-alcoholic beverages may be brought on board. Outside food, snacks and coolers of any size are not permitted. Coolers must be left on the luggage cart or in a vehicle.

Motion Sickness
The Badger's large size and weight minimizes motion discomfort; however, if motion sickness is a concern, please consider a non-prescription remedy taken prior to boarding. A limited number of acupressure and electronic sea bands are available from the Cruise Director's Office (deposit required). Over-the-counter medications are available in the Badger Boatique gift shop and in ticket offices.

Lake Michigan Carferry reserves the right to inspect all vehicles, luggage and carry-on items frequently with explosive detection dogs. Ticket offices, parking lots, staging areas, and the S.S. Badger are monitored 24 hours a day by surveillance cameras or security personnel. (LMC is not responsible for damage to vehicles left in parking lot.)

Unaccompanied Children
Children under the age of 16 sailing aboard the SS Badger must be accompanied by an adult.

Things To Do
The S.S. Badger offers spacious outside decks for walking or lounging, buffet-style restaurant, deli-style snack bar, free movies in the movie lounge, satellite television, live entertainment, KidsPort playroom, gift shop, quiet area/museum, private staterooms, aft end lounge, and upper deck lounge with plenty of room to spread out and relax. Click here to see photos of the amenities onboard the ship.